Welcome to the brand new CodeStall. A one-stop Code Repository for programming languages. An initiative to guide students to take up Coding and learn it in a fun, interactive and creative way. We aim to provide students the best guidance towards joining an IT or Semiconductor Industry. We share success stories of students in our campus who dared to try it differently…


To cultivate an ambiance among students to learn and innovate beyond textbooks and become proficient in coding for the industry.


To create a generation of students who challenge themselves to THINK OUT OF THE BOX”


Shamik Chakraborty (Founder)

Shamik pursues a Masters Degree in VLSI Design from Amrita School of Engineering. He is a passionate Physics enthusiast. He believes that any subject in engineering can be segmented into Applied Sciences.

Research, innovation and imparting creative learning to students binds his circle of reasons. He is engaged in shaping and touching lives of people, turning them into leaders of tomorrow.

He spends his leisure time reading novels, writing and telling stories of his experiences, lived through his life. He envisions India to have 500 innovators of highest proficiency by 2025.

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