Introduction to C- Language

Hello Guys, today I am going to discuss few interesting things about Programming Languages like C- Language.

Before starting ‘Advance level’, we will try to understand, “What programming language is?”

In very simple words we can say that, language is a medium of communication of thought, data or information between two or more person/objects. C- language is the basic language in communication and if you’re going to learn software development you will definitely need knowledge of C- language.

Computer languages are generally of two types:
1. High Level Language – Translator required.

Example: FORTRAN

2. Low Level Language – No translator required.

Example: Machine language(0 , 1)

As C- language, is a high-level language with some low-level programming features, so C- language is a middle- level language.

We can write programs in general English language or in machine level language.

Coming to Programming languages; they are of three types:

  1. Object Oriented Programming Language.
  2. Structure Oriented Programming Language.
  3. Procedural Programming.

In our case, C is a structured programming language, i.e. developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 at AT & Bell Laboratories in the USA (a guy with name Brian Kernighan also contributed in making of C- language.).

So, that’s all about the introduction of C- language. In My upcoming blog posts, I will give a detailed explanation about C- language.

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