Basic tips for C- Programmers.

There are few tips and rules you need to learn before starting to write C– program.

A. Each instruction in a C- program is written as a separate statement. Therefore, a complete C- program would comprise of a series of statements (descriptive language you can say).

B. The statement in a program must be in the same order in which we wish them to be executed, otherwise the result will differ from what we expected it to be.

C. All statement are entered in small case letters (It may depend upon your application also. As some of the statement may come in upper case.) Ex- Some functions, Macros etc.

D. Last but not the least: semicolon (;). Each statement ends with a semicolon and it means that particular line was terminated or executed.

As there are plenty of programming languages available right now, so this is a question worth asking, “Why are we going for C – Language?”

C- language is the Mother of all the languages. If you know C properly then you can learn other programming languages and understand the concept of different programming languages like C++, Java, Python etc.

Most of the OS like Windows, Linux and iOS are written in C -language. It’s true that most of the operating systems are written in C- language.

Applications of C- language: Televisions, air conditioners, washing machines and smartphone are worked on C- language.

In the last blog, I discussed the history of C -language. So, now there’s a questionnaire below to test your memory. If you find my blogs interesting and helpful, then no doubt you’ll easily answer these questions.

Multiple-choice Quiz:

Quiz I

1. Who is the founder of C:

a. Dennis Ritchie & Brian Kernighan

b.  James Gosling

c. Guido van Rossum

d. Bjarne Stroustrup

2. What is the level of C- language :

a. Higher Level

b. Lower Level

c. Middle Level

d. All of the above.

3. Which punctuation symbol mostly ends lines of a C- program :

a.  :

b.  ,

c.  ;

d.  ‘

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