Getting Started with JAVA- Buzzwords

Important Java Features Or Java Buzzwords

The JAVA language was designed with the following properties:


JAVA is simple and easy to learn and use effectively. Some of its syntaxes are inherited from C/C++. There are no surprising features, there is a small number of clearly defined ways to complete a given task.


It enables the programmers to develop virus-free and secure applications. Also, it has many authentication techniques and security algorithms.

Object Oriented:

JAVA provides object-oriented concepts for development which provides developers the freedom to develop scalable applications. We will learn more about an object-oriented model in upcoming sessions.

Platform Independent: 

JAVA’s main and important feature, platform independence meaning that the JAVA program written by the developer on any operating system can run on any other operating systems. So, we can say that it is WORA (write once run anywhere).


JAVA makes an effort to eliminate error-prone situations by emphasizing mainly on compile time error checking and runtime checking.


JAVA has JIT compiler which interprets the instruction of the program one by one at the time of execution.


JAVA enables the developer to develop a distributed application which can be used over the internet because it handles TCP/IP protocol.


Quiz Time

1. Java Is Compiled or Interpreted Language?

( a ) compiled  ( b ) Interpreted ( c ) Both ( d ) None.

2. Can we use Java Over the Internet?

( a ) Yes ( b ) No ( c ) Only Some Features

3. Java is inherited from Which Language?

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