Vishnu Ram reveals his success formula to crack a full time offer in Digicomm.


I will share my interview information first and then my experience with my company.

Starting with the procedure it was a 4 stage process.

Stage 1: A written exam with 4 sections namely:
(a) Digital design (flops, counters, realizing gates with mux etc)
(b) Analog design (basic CMOS circuits, working and operation of MOSFETs) aptitude
(c) Coding(Verilog, C, and VHDL).
There were theory questions as well.

Stage 2: It was semi technical where they asked me to make the following
(a) Counter
(b) Working of MOSFET
(c) FSM
(d) Realization of gates using universal gates
(e) Project.

Stage 3: It was a complete technical round. He asked me to explain my project in detail and pointed out the mistakes I committed and asked me to correct them.He selected me.

Stage 4: It was a normal HR round. HR explained me norms and conditions of the company.


The experience in the company is absolutely overwhelming. I am working with good colleagues who help us a lot. I am getting to learn many things.

The company is recently shifted to a new office in Kadubeesanhalli which is spacious. We are alloted individual machines to work on.They asked me to do a layout of some basic circuits like nand, nor, vco, diff amp etc.
Recently my manager asked me to concentrate on the design rather than the layouts so I started reading Analog Design by Razavi and Hollberg. I create circuits for which the layout guys do the layout.

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