Character Data- type

So, now we will try to understand, what these all data- types do and how do they declare and work.

Syntax: char  variable_name;

example : char ch;                  <==== This is Declaration.

char ch = ‘a’;          <====This is Initialization.

When we declare character data – type compiler allocates 1byte (=8bits).

So internally, it stores as an ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) value.

Example: If you initializ character data as ‘A’  it will consider ASCII value as 65.

lly, for ‘a’ ====> 97

and ‘0’ ====> 48     (zero)

C language supports only ASCII code.

Example : ch = ‘a’    <=== 97 in ASCIIUntitled Diagram (5).jpg


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