Pradyuman unlocks the Secret of Shortlisting Applicants in Off – Campus Internship

Pradyuman Bissa

Pradyuman is a dedicated blogger of Code Stall. He enjoys playing around with codes and solving puzzles of big projects. Prady enjoys his passion towards walking different paths in the semiconductor industry. He is internet savvy and uses the weapon to fetch the big fish from the pond. He believes “Opportunity lies everywhere, you have to scrape it off”.

The secret of Prady’s Off-Chip internship formula what our team treasured in this post and exclusively shared for you.

     a.Shortlisting the company that best suits your profile and interest

     b.Observing the key people’s profile in the chosen company

     c.Visit Company page

     d.Check out their Hiring Methodology

     e.His personal opinion is “Don’t apply high ended companies” which target students from Tier-I universities.

     f.Connect HR of the company through Linkedin.

     g.Concisely describe

        a.what you are looking for

         b.what they want

         c.what skills you need to develop

     h.Attach your Resume’

     i.Wait for their response

     j.Don’t send the mail to the HR repeatedly

     k.Wait for their response and carry out the process over and over.

Enjoy Internship At your Will!

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