Stepping on the Failures to Spring Above: A sneak peek into Apurvanand’s Interview Tackling Strategies


Stepping on the Failures to Spring Above: A sneak peek into Apurvanand’s Interview Tackling Strategies

Things to do in interview:

Apurv says,”  I am writing this because of my multiple failures in interview because many failures lead to a great success”.


  1. Always wear a smile in front of the interviewer. Don’t show your nervousness.
  2. Should know the area in which that company works for.
  3. Should know everything about your project one has done at any point of life.
  4. As a computer science student, I would like to brush up all the basic subjects such as Data Structure, Algorithm, programming languages such as C, C++ and Java.
  5. Be positive and calm. Stick to your basics because the interviewer doesn’t expect you to know everything he asks.
  6. Don’t show your interest in research area because a good researcher would never want to work in a company for too long and this fact is known by every company.
  7. For new technology, show your zeal and sometime you need to assure the interviewer that you are open to learn new things and ready to rediscover yourself.
  8. Tell me something about yourself.
  9. Where and what do you see yourself in 5 years from now?


That’s it from my side. Never underestimate yourself in front of others because you are gonna hired and would be successful based on your elasticity of doing jobs with optimal resources (irrespective of your marks).

All the best.


From The Editor’s Focus

Apurvanand cracked the interviews of eminent companies like Wipro Technologies, Cerner. However he chose to pursue his dreams in higher studies by choosing to continue Dual MTech-MS in University of L’Aquila. This September he is ready to spread out his wings and bask in the synergy of his powerful dreams against the dominant majority.

Catch Him If You Can!




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