Another feather added to his hat:Karthik unveils his broader outlook towards making a Choice!

Interview experience with RSA India

We received an intimation from the CIR department that Dell EMC( would visit our campus on the 31st of March to select Master’s students for a year’s internship and offer a possible job opportunity at the end of the internship. The internship stipend was quite a bit for the very first company visiting the campus.


During the pre-placement presentation (PPP, for future references), it came to light that it was RSA( India which had come for the internship drive. I had heard about the company as an ex-colleague of mine had been working in RSA India. The PPP was quite interesting as we were told that RSA is the information security division of the EMC Corporation. The EMC Corporation had been recently acquired by DELL (yes, the computer/laptop manufacturer). I realized I’m attending the tests/interview for a company in the same field as that of a company I had previously worked at for two years and a half. I figured I had an edge.


As soon as the PPP concluded, the written test was conducted. The questions in the written test were mainly technical with a few analytical. Although the C Programming questions were elementary, they were time consuming. As there wasn’t much time remaining, I took a calculated risk and skipped the remaining questions and attempted the last section. The last section had questions pertaining to information security, which I was able to answer in detail based on what I had learnt in the past three years in the same field.


The results for the written test were announced about two hours later. Among more than 70 students who had attended the written test, 21 students, including me, cleared and were called for interviews. Looking at the other contenders, I realized I would be competing against my very good friends. Nonetheless, I told myself that these things cannot affect me during the interviews. Although I wasn’t very much interested in landing into an internship offer, I was a tad bit nervous when I was called by one of the interviewers for the first round of interview.


The interviewer, let’s call him Mr. A, looked at my 4-page resume and my written test answer sheets. Mr. A started asking me questions based on my past experience. I was asked to explain all the tools (application software) I had worked on in my previous company. Mr. A asked me to write rough codes (C, C++ or any programming language) for a couple of problems. He asked me to solve a puzzle, I don’t remember it exactly now. He also asked me how I would conduct a functional testing of a car (yes, a 4-wheeler!). I was taken aback. I’m not an automobile engineer. I know about computers, not the working of a car! I gathered myself, thought about it and came up with some sort of a procedure for the functional testing of a car. I realized Mr. A wasn’t interested in the actual procedure of functional testing of a car. Instead, he was gauging my thinking capability.


An Overview of the Interviewer’s Quiz

I think the interview went on for about 45 minutes. I was then told to wait outside. After about five minutes, I was ushered in to another interview room for the HR round. I was again quizzed on my professional experience. I was asked why I had left an IT company for a Master’s degree and why I chose Amrita University for the post-graduation. I was also asked for my opinion on the current state of the IT industry in India. The answers to these questions are usually never concrete. As such, these questions were just asked to gauge my communication skills and my temperament, which are very important for an employee of any IT company.


The Moment of Joy

The HR interview was about 30 minutes long. I was told the results will be announced later through the student placement coordinators. I headed back to my hostel room. Later, one of the placement coordinators informed me that I was one among the 6 students selected for the internship.



  • Bear in mind to never lie in your resume and know everything you’ve mentioned in your resume.
  • Be strong in your basics and answer with confidence. I
  • If you are unaware of an answer to a question, there is nothing wrong in telling the interviewer that you do not know the answer to the question. Nobody is expected to know answers to all questions. However, if the questions are related to whatever you have already studied, there is no excuse for not knowing answers to these questions.
  • Be strong in your basics.
  • The interviewers always quiz you based on basics and nothing else.
  • Final tip, never lose hope if you do not clear the placement drive of one company. There are many others out there!


The Editor’s View

The description was vivid and by far the best internship interview experience shared by anyone on the Internship board. The language used by Karthik was enriching and can be inculcated by our students. In my opinion, the description lets you walk through the interview chapter Karthik underwent. In a more personal view, the humor he blends to the description has brewed a different flavor to the narration. The tips provided to our students by Karthik is lucid and reflects the personality a higher status individual must carry in today’s world. His excitement and passion throughout the narration was overwhelming.

Despite my best intentions and temptation to hide the fact that Karthik is eager for a Dual course program at University of L’Aquila I choose to reveal that his perspective and views about life and career is profound and it’s a treat for our readers to voyage through his journey.

Cheers! Catch him soon before the travel bug bites him.

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