The Silent believer of Karma lucidly decorates the platter for his juniors to savour






1) Design or gate using half adder
2) Design XOR logic using NAND gate
3) Explain TTL and CMOS logic
4) MOD number for 4-bit counter
5) Conversion from binary to gray code
6) Explain Synchronous vs Asynchronous flipflop
7) Brief ASIC flow
1) Explain energy band gap for intrinsic semiconductor
2) How to vary Vth
3) Draw transfer characteristic of CMOS inverter
4) Why FET is better chopper than BJT because it has? Ans: lower off set voltage
5) Find ID for given gate VGS and VDS
1) Design FSM for sequence 10110
2) Debug the code
3) Implement 4-bit multiplier
1) Define and write formula for set and hold time
2) Define slack, slew, skew
3) Define Global Skew
4) Why to do STA?
5) Explain multi cycle path and half cycle path.
1) This session we need to design logic for problems (For given conditions and rules with some real time
concept: traffic light, Alarm system in home etc..)
1) Time and Distance
2) Reasoning
3) Profit and loss
4) Time and work

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