Interface in Java

An interface is a collection of abstract Methods and static final(Constant) Variables. The interface is a mechanism to achieve fully abstraction in java. There can be only abstract methods in the interface. It is used to achieve fully abstraction and multiple inheritance in Java. interface interface_name{ static final data_type variable_name; return_type method_name(parameter); return_type method_name(parameter); } Example: interface... Continue Reading →

Abstract Class in Java

Class that contains at least one Abstract method is referred to as Abstract class. Now, What is Abstract Method ? , When a Parent is quite sure that the implementation of the method will be provided by the child and implementation of the method by each of the child should be unique. abstract class Plane{ abstract void... Continue Reading →

Pre-defined Functions in C

strlen : Useful for calculating the length of a string not include \0. Synopsis : #include<string.h> size_t strlen(const char *s); //size_t is a integer type //const - Here strlen not modify the data because of const. It will return a number of character in s means length. 2. strcpy & strncpy : It will copy the... Continue Reading →

Polymorphism in Java

Polymorphism made of two words poly means many and morph means forms. so we can say that the ability to have more than form is called as polymorphism. Polymorphism is the OOPs concept, and in Java, it can be implemented using method overloading. Example: here is the example of polymorphism class Person { void walk() {... Continue Reading →

Functions in C

Definition : A function is a block where program code is written. A function is set of instruction which is put together to perform a specific task. A function is a subroutine design for doing one job/task. There are two types of functions present in C- programming: Pre-defined (compiler supported function). User-defined functions. Working : Pre-defined... Continue Reading →


So yesterday I explained about the SR LATCH and its operation. The disadvantage of having an SR latch is that it has an undesirable condition when both the inputs go to 1. One way to eliminate the undesirable condition of the indeterminate state in the latch is to ensure that inputs S and R are... Continue Reading →

Character Array and String in C

String: String is a collection of character ended with \0. For example : main() { char ch[] = { 'a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e'}; //character array initialization char s[] = "abcd"; //string array initialization printf(" %d %d \n",sizeof(ch), sizeof(s)); } Answer : 5 5 //5 because string will end with \0 so 1byte it will... Continue Reading →

ABSTRACT: Design, Implementation and Comparison of different multipliers in XILINX FPGA

Multipliers are key components of many high performance systems such as FIR filters, microprocessors, digital signal processors, etc. A system’s performance is generally determined by the performance of the multiplier because the multiplier is generally the slowest clement in the system. Furthermore, it is generally the most area consuming. Hence, optimizing the speed and area... Continue Reading →

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