My mentor who turned into a Luminiferous Technologist: Experiences of Rahul

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Adept Chips Interview Process:
A) Written test: In written test there were 4 sections as follows :
1) Aptitude:  Most of the questions were asked from the topics covered in R.S Aggarwal.
2) Digital design: Basics of digital design like number system, FF’s, Re-Draw circuit diagram using only nand/nor gate.
3) Programming: They asked C, C++, Verilog.
4) CMOS basics: Revise those equations of current, voltages, sub threshold voltage, conditions for saturation and linear region of MOSFETs as most of the questions were asked from these topics.
There was no negative marking.
B) Technical Interview :
1) First they asked me about my M.Tech and BE Projects.
2) Digital basics
3) Verilog coding – he asked me to write code for counter with asynchronous reset.
4) Blocking and Non blocking concept with an example ( I explained it using swapping of variables program).
5) The interviewer wrote one test bench and asked me to draw the timing waveform. after that he asked around 10-12 questions on that waveform by changing various conditions of that test bench

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