Abstraction in JAVA

As we saw previously abstraction is an important pillar of object orientation.  In Java, Abstraction Means we will only show the necessary functionalities to the user to perform some task and we will hide the critical code.

Hiding of data is known as data abstraction. In the object-oriented programming language, this is implemented automatically while writing the code in the form of class and object.

In Real Time, when you go to any ATM Machine it shows you several options while doing any transaction like Withdraw, Balance Inquiry, Transfer, mini statement, Deposit, and Much More.

In this, All the functionalities user only knows that What this Functions/ options do, But don’t know that how does it Work in the background, What code is there in backend or which language it uses.maxresdefault

It provides the Security features as in hides the important code behind it from unauthorized Methods/ Functions.


class Customer
int account_no;
float balance_Amt;
String name;
int age;
String address;

void balance_inquiry()
/* to perform balance inquiry only account number
is required that means remaining properties 
are hidden for balance inquiry method */

void fund_Transfer()
/* To transfer the fund account number and 
balance is required and remaining properties 
are hidden for fund transfer method */

class AtmWindow{
Public static void main( String[] args ){

Customer c = new Customer();




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