ABSTRACT: Implementation of Washing Machine Controller using XILINX FPGA

Most of the washing machines today involve application of microcontrollers in order to perform various functions. The objective of this project is to design a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) implementation for a washing machine. This FPGA will be used in the washing machines. Verilog has been used as the programming language. An FPGA is a customized integrated circuit. Implementation of analog circuit and mixed signal designs are possible in FPGA. It reduces the system cost, area, power consumption and also reduces the assembly and testing costs. It avoids the effects of components no longer being available. It gives design flexibility which helps in speed optimizations. FPGA requires fewer component hence reduces service/maintenance costs. It is more reliable.


The objective of this project is to show the development of washing machine in FPGA. As of now making of the IC specifically for washing machines and it is not used in other applications. Verification of the software code with the logical flowchart of the washing machine is done. The simulation results obtained are in with the logical flow of the working of fully automatic washing machine.

After the washing is done, a buzzer rings which indicates the end of the washing process. Double wash option is provided for the clothes which need more heavy wash. Here is the state diagram of the washing machine:


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