Components of Embedded System

If we dig deeper into the embedded system we will know about components which constitutes the whole system. Processor A processor is an integrated electronic circuit which performs arithmetical and logical operations. It is a central processing unit on a single integrated circuit chip containing millions of very small components including transistors, resistors, and diodes that work... Continue Reading →

Embedded System Embed Around Us

Hope it will help embedded enthuciast,learner and hobbyist.  1.Learning about different component of any Embedded system 2.Which companies products are used in application 3.Which controllers are prominent used Embedded System are Embed in some section of Technologies as shown below Mobile Phone Section 1.Blackberry bold 9000 2.Motorola Moto X Home Appliances Section 1.Washing Machine 2.Television... Continue Reading →

Embedded System Basics

What is Embedded System? An embedded system is a combination of computer hardware and software,and which makes system dedicated for an application or specific part of an application or product or part of larger system.Embedded system are designed to do some specific task,can't perform multiple task like general purpose computer.The program instructions written for embedded... Continue Reading →

Package in Java

A package is a collection of similar types of classes, interfaces, and sub-packages. and in normal computer language, it is called a folder that contains the classes. Purpose of package The purpose of package concept is to provide common classes and interfaces for any program separately. In other words, if we want to develop any... Continue Reading →


Having designed a sequential circuit, we are now in a position to design a real time digital circuit using VERILOG. In this blog, we will be designing Traffic Light Controller using Finite State Machine Model: In the sense, we will design the sequential circuit using the state diagram and analyse the circuitry using the RTL... Continue Reading →

Exception in Java

What is an Exception? An exception is a problem that arises during the execution of a program. When an Exception occurs the normal flow of the program is disrupted and the program/Application terminates abnormally, which is not recommended, therefore, these exceptions are to be handled. An exception can occur for many reasons like if a user enters... Continue Reading →

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