Young and Talented Nitesh Walked the Line of Fire to grab the Golden Egg

Getting an internship in Texas Instruments is something every electronics student will dream of. I am really blessed to get an opportunity like this. Texas Instruments visited our campus on 29th July and conducted 1 online test, 2 technical interviews and 1 HR interview. The online round consisted of 3 sections. First one being analog with 30 questions and time limit was 45 minutes. Second was digital section with 30 questions and time limit of 45 minutes. The last was aptitude section with 30 questions and time limit of 30 minutes. The analog and digital section consisted of everything in electronics starting from diodes to VLSI. There were questions from setup time, hold time, Multiplexers, Opamps, Transistors etc.

I got shortlisted for the interviews for the digital profile and my first interview went very well. The interviewer was very friendly and they focused on concepts more than the correct answer. He asked me questions related to RC circuits, Digital Logic Design, VLSI and coding in C. I cleared the 1st interview and went for the second interview which was more of a coding interview. He asked me about one of my projects which involved embedded system coding. And then he asked me to write C++ code on linked list insertion. Both the interviews went for more than 1 hour and I was hoping to get selected. Finally they called me for the HR round. The HR was very friendly and she asked me all about myself and whether I know about TI or not. The HR round also went very well for me. Finally I got the internship in TEXAS INSTRUMENTS for digital department. I am very excited to join TI and hopefully I will prove to be an asset to the organisation.

Editor’s Comment:
Nitesh is brilliant with his coding skills in VHDL,Verilog and Embedded C.He got experience and expertise in developing many academic projects which reaps benefit to Research. Our team is very fortunate to have a diligent and sincere member on board.We look forward to see an opportunity with him in developing algorithms and implementing them in solving industry problems.

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