A Storming Performance silences a Myth… Saneesh spins the web.

Saneesh Nair

When I went for an interview for the position of an intern in Volvo Group, I was very tensed as I was doubtful of my capability to obtain the position. I took off some time from my schedule to face the interview. I did some research, which is shared below:
(a) I asked my friends from other branches who attended this interview, regarding the pattern of the interview.
(b) I googled the shades of formats related to interviews that Volvo conducts. My sincere advice is – you would get something valuable from the internet, for sure.
I went to look up in their website to know what products they work on in the Bangalore office.
A word of Advice – You should be able to present them that you are capable of doing what they operate on or at least capable of adapting in a very short time.

After that I started my preparation.
I made sure that I know everything regarding what I present in my resume.
I cleared all my doubts and refreshed the basics of the field I would be working on if I get selected; CFD in my case.

According to me,there are a few things you should exhibit during your interview:
Display your confidence always till the time you are in the interview room.
Have a smile in your face, at least when you enter the interview room.Smile costs you nothing.
If you don’t know something, just say politely that you don’t know.
Be in proper attire, formals…needless to mention.

Editor’s Comments:
Saneesh was interested in internship from the initial orientation of MTech course in Thermal Engineering.Achieving an internship in the field is a tough nut to crack, however he held his belief strongly.He never gasped for breath of success as he strongly contradicts it with a cool swagger which he dictates in his personality.Nevertheless “Change is A Permanent Medium to Life” which he whole heartedly follows and he adapted to the situation caring less for the overrated rumours around him.The Star sparked attention of the Interviewers when he cooked the recipe of Knowledge with the overall awareness of his field and the sectors/companies working towards the common vision.His experience will be treasured by his juniors and peers.
CodeStall will add another golden leaf on her cap with Shining Star on the House.

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