Why C++ ?

Bjarne Stroustrup designed the C++ language in 1979. It is a general-purpose language for systems programming.

Let us look at some features of C++ language.

  • C ++ is a portable language – It can be used for multiple platforms or operating systems.
  • C++ supports Object Oriented Programming – Object Oriented Programming involves the concept of Class and Object.
  • C++ has a rich function library – C++ offers a collection of functions to perform various operations.
  • C++ offers a high level abstraction which offers no performance overhead at run time – Abstraction refers to hiding details and showing only essential features.
  • C++ is useful for low level programming – Low level programming refers to machine level code.
  • C++ is a compiled language – So execution of C++ code is faster.
  • C++ is a multi-paradigm language which means it follows three paradigms – Generic, Imperative and Object Oriented.


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