Executing Python codes on Linux Command Line

We have seen how to execute Python codes on Windows IDLE editor. This is a small post about executing python codes on Linux Operating System’s Terminal. We will be using the GNU Nano editor for this purpose.

  1. Type “Terminal” in the Search Box on the top left corner. Click on Terminal.screenshot-from-2018-04-09-09-53-25.png
  2. The terminal window appears .
  3. Type ‘nano (program name).py’ and press Enter.
  4. This takes you to the editor screen. Here is where you type your code.screenshot-from-2018-04-09-09-56-41-e1523248023267.png
  5. After the code is typed you can exit editor by pressing Ctrl+X.
  6. To execute your code, enter ‘python (program name).py’ and press Enter.
  7. The output will be displayed as “hello”

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