Pradyuman is an enthusiastic engineer from Mumbai. He pursues a course on VLSI Design from Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore.He is a proficient Verilog coder in projects and practical classes.He also has rich experience in EDA tools.He works as an intern in a start-up company.

Hobby: Prady finds solace in long Cycling amidst nature.

Quote: “If you think you are too big for small tasks, then perhaps you are too small for big tasks.”




K K Sarma (K2)








Kameswara is a passionate engineer and learner from Kakinada district of Andhra Pradesh. He pursues a course on VLSI Design from Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore.He has rich skills in Python, Verilog, and VHDL. He had undertaken IOT projects and other Verilog projects in the past. He is the winner of TBI innovation Challenge in 2017.

Hobby: KK finds leisure time in cooking and finds joy.

Quote:“Nothing worth having comes easy”.




Sagar Iyer









Sagar is a Tamilian who resides in Mumbai. He has varied language skills. He is an anchor of the team as he finds deep interest in organizing and hosting events. Sagar also interviews and treasures success stories for our blogs and dabbles around designing of the theme.

Hobby: Sagar spends time in reading novels and listening songs.




Disheet Pithadia








Disheet is an Embedded Hardware & Software Engineer. He’s completed his Bachelor’s degree from Marwadi University. He is passionate in working with new technology. He undertook and completed successful projects on Embedded Systems like Humanoid, Artificial intelligence & Machine learning.

Hobby: Having delicious food, Music, Work on new advanced technology, Traveling.

Quote:“Knowledge is the currency for 21st century”.




Virang Vasani
Virang Vasani is a software developer from Gujarat currently working in Bangalore. He is from Information Technology background, pursued his Bachelors of Engineering from Marwadi University. Virang is a keen learner and developer in Java, and also has an interest in Ethical Hacking and cybersecurity.









Payal is a student pursuing Philosophy honors at Gargi College, DU. Being from Rajasthan, she is an English writer and has a good experience in this field. She works as a Content writer for CodeBrex.

Hobby: She loves spending her time in solitude reading a novel or listening music.
Quote: “What happens, happens for a reason.”-  Anonymous.







Nitesh is a passionate 4th-year student pursuing Electronics and Communication Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology. He loves digital electronics and digital VLSI. He also loves coding in C, C++, and Perl. He undertook and completed several projects such as Multipliers design and comparison in Xilinx FPGA, Wireless Home Automation using IOT, Fuzzy Based Line Follower Robot using Atmega 8 microcontroller. He loves learning new concepts related to VLSI and DIGITAL ELECTRONICS. Currently, he is doing research in ATPG and DFT Algorithms.

Hobbies: Singing, Coding, Reading books and Dancing


Quote: “If you don’t fight for what you want, don’t cry for what you lost”






About me: Currently, I am a student pursuing full-time M.Tech, PG course in Communication Engineering and Signal Processing from Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore. Being a communication student I came across MATLAB simulation tool, which I am using for more than 5 years. In first two years of my student life I faced several difficulties to find the right code for my mini projects, presentations and as well as for my LAB works. Hence, I thought to create a medium to guide the students regarding the use of MATLAB tool and to help them to get the right understandable codes. And also to make next-generation students to gain full confidence in it.

Quote: ”There will be days when you feel all alone and no matters how bad it gets or how lost you feel, always remember to hold on to HOPE”.

Hobbies: Reading novels, playing all kind of outdoor games, cooking, photography, sketching and many more.




WhatsApp Image 2018-04-03 at 12.52.33 AM
Sai Aravind







About me: My self ARAVIND perusing master’s in communication engineering and signal processing also working as an intern in Toshiba software India Pvt Ltd.
Quote: The struggle you’re in today is the developing strength you need for tomorrow.
Hobbies: playing carrom board




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