Memory Organization of 8051

Program Memory: It has an internal program of 4K size and if needed an external memory can be added (by interfacing ) of size 60K maximum. So in total 64K size memory is available for 8051 micro controller.  By default, the External Access (EA) pin should be connected Vcc so that instructions are fetched from internal... Continue Reading →


PORT 0: The structure of a Port-0 pin is shown in fig.It has 8 pins (P0.0-P0.7). Port-0 can be used as a normal bidirectional I/O port or it can be used for address/data interfacing for accessing external memory. When control is '1', the port is used for address/data interfacing. When the control is '0', the... Continue Reading →

Pin Description of 8051 Microcontroller

Pins 1-8: Port 1(P1.0-P1.7) Each of these pins can be configured as an input or an output. Pin 9: RS A logic one on this pin disables the microcontroller and clears the contents of most registers. In other words, the positive voltage on this pin resets the microcontroller. By applying logic zero to this pin, the program... Continue Reading →

What is 8051 Standard ?

Microcontroller manufacturers have been competing for a long time for attracting choosy customers and every couple of days a new chip with a higher operating frequency, more memory and upgraded A/D converters appeared on the market. However, most of them had the same or at least very similar architecture known in the world of microcontrollers as... Continue Reading →

Types of Microcontrollers

1.4-bit Microcontroller: In computer architecture, 4-bit integers, memory addresses, or other data units are those that are 4 bits wide. Also, 4-bit CPUand ALU architectures are those that are based on registers, address buses, or data buses of that size. A group of four bits is also called a nibble and has sixteen (24) possible values. Some of the first microprocessors had a 4-bit word length and were developed around 1970. The TMS 1000, the world's first single-chip microprocessor, was... Continue Reading →

Difference between Microprocessor and Microcontroller

  Microprocessor Microprocessor is heart of computer system.It is just single processor, memory and I/O components have to be connected externally.Since memory and I/O has to be connected externally,the circuit becomes large.Cost of entire system increases.Due to external components,the entire power consumption is high.Most of microprocessors do not have power saving features.Since memory and I/O... Continue Reading →

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