Nitesh Mishra
Hi, I am Nitesh Mishra, a 4th-year Electronics and Communication Engineering student from VIT University. Embedded system employs the combination of both hardware and software to perform a specific function. In the Embedded Systems Domain, I have designed and implemented projects using 8051 and PIC Microcontroller and also using XILINX FPGA. The softwares used for the projects were KEIL, MPLABS, PROTEUS AND XILINX ISE. Proteus helps a lot when it comes to the design of an embedded system before the actual implementation of it as far as microcontrollers are concerned. Same is the case for XILINX ISE using VLSI Technology. Some of my Embedded System Projects include RFID CONTROL, VOTING MACHINE CONTROL, WASHING MACHINE CONTROL, TOLL SYSTEM, WIRELESS GAS LEAKAGE DETECTION etc. I will be sharing some of my projects here with you. 

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