The vigilant Smart IOT watchmaker’s thrust  for Life

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Mr. PriyaRanjan Kumar

Priyaranjan was born in the district of Bhagalpur in a middle-income family group. The ambitious grandfather was an agriculturist but he pursued his son to choose a career in engineering. Engineering was a rare field of interest for students back then. Priyaranjan followed his father’s path and graduated from Bangalore University. His inspiration to walk on the less chosen path of innovation led him to Bell Labs Innovation, Lucent Technologies India and USA. He spent his formative years in Product Development and R & D in Bell Labs. In these 10 years Priyaranjan honed skills on M2M (Machine to machine), networking and wireless networks. He returned to India with a hope of prosperity and a caring hand for the family. Following his strong connection to technology he joined Aricent technologies and collaborated for research with IIIT, Bangalore.

His affluent career with technology saw its pitfalls when Priyaranjan’s mother fell on the high elevated stairs of a temple and fractured her leg in 2009. A couple of years later she slipped in the bathroom and broke her femur bone. Both the times she remained unattended for a long time wincing in pain. The snowball effect was not over yet and the father became unconscious one day and was rushed to the hospital by the tenants. The helpless mother could not avail her son as he stayed far from his parents.

This left a deep impression on Priyaranjan and he focused on ‘Third Eye Solution to Hospital’. Two and half years later with a stringent fund from IIIT Bangalore and Amrita TBI he is the inventor of Smart IOT Watch which is capable of sending Real Time Alert to the hospital and warn the hospital of the death of a patient in an ambulance.

Priyaranjan believes by 2030 wearable and moving gadgets to save lives of elderly people will generate a revenue to the tunes of 30 billion USD.

Irony of Fate

Priyaranjan moves to various entrepreneurial workshops to sell the watch at Rs 24000 and offering a subscription of Rs 2000 per month. He explains his innovation with a lot of passion but what he has to highlight repeatedly about “The value of Human Life bargained over Smart IOT Watch”. The dream of sending this message across the globe is his distant dream and my burning hope.

I choose to cheer for the Smart Kavach.

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 Birthday Candles to Spectators of Life:    Soumendra kindles them All.

The stout bespectacled man appeared in our corridors with a deep baritone and commanded, “Where is Two Jeero Phive?” He meant Room no. 205. Soumendra had to give up his name to surrender to Hostel nickname ‘Mishraji’. The leader in Mishraji stepped up to take the designation of Class representative immediately he took admission to Power Electronics classroom.
Birthday Candles
Among many events Birthday celebrations remain a major one in the boring semester curriculum. Mishraji took initiative to bring the XXL Birthday cakes for his friends and became the ‘Clown Boy in their eyes’.I have witnessed India celebrating co-educational system from the earliest schooling memories I carry. Yet celebrating a girl’s birthday is an embarrassing moment in post graduate classrooms. Mishraji was a juggernaut and he went on to celebrate another belated birthday with a bigger cake and heartier smile. He forgot to see it was of another girl’s. People laughed their hearts out. Little did they know about the journey of Mishraji which connects from Rourkela to the IT hub of India.
Early Life
Mishraji served as a lecturer in Puroshottam Institute of Technology.The deep connection he established with his students in and out of the classroom gathered wind to his unfolding sails.As a young boy he suffered from sinusitis and feared to have attacks of epilepsy. The loving father had to chain the young spirited boy and forced to tuck his wings to fly freely in nature. Dr Jyosthy’s way of diagnosing Mishraji’s health gave confidence to the family.
Bending the Rules
The sedentary lifestyle of Mishraji accumulated weight to his body. The energetic lecturer turned to coach the youngsters to play badminton and cricket. His mission to gift agility and ability to the next generation went beyond blackboard. Today he works out to encourage youngsters to play in the Sun and the Rain and quit the hype their 6 inch gizmos and gadgets.

The Charismatic Speaker
Mishraji’s strong Oriya accent in English is another piece of mockery everybody laughs at heartily.Every time he comes out to present an idea in Science everybody showers with claps. The secret admirers mocks in a herd. The Farewell speech for the outgoing batch and the presentation on “Power System scenario in India“,you can name any Mishraji is instantly confident with all guns blazing. He wants to connect the tiny little road of his hometown to the world and inspire youngsters become the ‘Men of Tomorrow’. So he walks up every new day and challenge himself to be a large,larger….the largest man in the campus.

Lighting up the Birthday cakes to enlightening the audience Mishraji is the storehouse of happiness. It infects and kindles every soul it breezes by.

Deep Focus
Today Superman is not the “Man of Tomorrow”. Soumendra is the HERO for all those who wants to roar against the waves.
You are still with me because you have voyaged through Soumendra’s majestic journey.
So let’s give it a SHOUT! to the TOP OF YOUR VOICE:
Hip Hip Hooray….Hip Hip Hooray….

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 Sandeep Nailed Success with his own recipe of Happiness

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Sandeep D

The tall man joined as a late comer in our VLSI class. The calm and composed yet introvert large man shook his hand firmly with me and declared, ”I am from Telangana, not AP.” The routine exams started with Quizzes and Periodicals and Sandy would be depressed everytime the professors show the results. He would walk with me in the cafeteria only staying longer with another fool in the fool’s paradise. He kept repeating his life, only with a new flavor of happiness added with a pinch of salt the world had to offer him. The large man’s long hands improvised to a selfie stick gifted any public forum with groupfies .

The New year of 2017 had to offer him a new leaf. Sandy overstepped into the World of Magi and became a diligent student of the class. His grades sore skyrocketed and gave the toppers a hard time. admirers and students ready to burn the midnight oil with him. The new founded dark horse of VLSI chose to share the success with all.

He appeared on a number of interviews and shoed away the fear of failures. Working nights long and studying with Anil made him more persistent. Finally Sandy dressed himself in the best formals and the stylish pointed shoes reached Adept. This confident and persistent man was a clear choice for the startup, he was offered the internship opportunity.

Sandeep walks a proud man in the campus of Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore.
I choose to shout out his story and celebrate another glorified moment of my life.

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