Nitesh Mishra

Hi, I am Nitesh Mishra, a 4th year Electronics and Communication Engineering student from VIT University. In the VLSI domain, I have done a lot of projects related to digital and analog VLSI. In digital VLSI, I have designed multipliers, adders, barrel shifters, high speed RAM, Application specific projects such as Elevator control, Washing machine control, Vending Machine etc. In all these projects, I have used FPGA as hardware and Implemented the Verilog codes in it. I will be sharing my some of the projects here with you.


This project represents the reviewing of the construction of 32 bit high speed Kogge Stone Adder. High speed additions and multiplications are fundamental requirements of high performance processors. Therefore, fast and accurate operation of digital system depends upon the performance of adders. The core of every microprocessor, digital signal processor, System on chip is its data path. At the centre of these data paths are arithmetic units such as adders, comparators, and multipliers. Designing an efficient adder, the designer must optimize the parameters such as area, delay and power.

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PROJECT ON Implementation of Washing Machine Controller using XILINX FPGA:

 Most of the washing machines today involve application of microcontrollers in order to perform various functions. The objective of this project is to design a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) implementation for a washing machine. This FPGA will be used in the washing machines. Verilog has been used as the programming language. An FPGA is a customized integrated circuit. Implementation of analog circuit and mixed signal designs are possible in FPGA. It reduces the system cost, area, power consumption and also reduces the assembly and testing costs. It avoids the effects of components no longer being available. It gives design flexibility which helps in speed optimizations. FPGA requires fewer component hence reduces service/maintenance costs. It is more reliable.

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PROJECT ON Design, Implementation and Comparison of different multipliers in XILINX FPGA:

Multipliers are key components of many high performance systems such as FIR filters, microprocessors, digital signal processors, etc. A system’s performance is generally determined by the performance of the multiplier because the multiplier is generally the slowest clement in the system.Furthermore, it is generally the most area consuming. Hence, optimizing the speed and area of the multiplier is a major design issue. However, area and speed are usually conflicting constraints so that improving speed results mostly in larger areas.

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